1.5% sodium hyaluronate 30mg/2ml. 3 injections are required per course of treatment.
For the treatment of osteoarthritis, effective at any stage of the disease.

Synthesized by bacterial fermentation of non-pathogenic strains of Streptococcus equi in a continuous chemostat environment, resulting in high molecular weight and very low levels of impurities such as proteins, teichoic acids and endotoxins.
The absence of autoclaving and the patented micromembrane filtration method make it possible to maximally purify the synthesized hyaluronic acid from impurities and at the same time preserve the structure of sodium hyaluronate molecules, which ensures a high safety profile of the product.
It has an optimal molecular weight from the point of view of biological response and protection of cartilage.

Fermathron® Plus
Fermathron Plus containing 1.5% solution of sodium hyaluronate.
Synovial viscosupplement device versions are sterile, placed in prefilled syringes and developed for single injection of the solution. The syringe is sealed with a tip cap at one end and a plunger stopper at the other end. A Luer Lock adapter is provided at the syringe tip to ensure the secure attachment of the needle. A plunger rod and backstop are attached. The syringe is held within a blister tray with blister lid and packed in an outer cardboard carton, along with the implantation stickers and the instructions for use leaflet (IFU).
The prepared gel, which was sterilized by steam autoclave, is filled into syringes which are supplied sterile.
As the gel filling process is completed, Fermathron Plus the syringe apparatuses backstop and plunger are attached to syringe. Then prepared syringes are placed in an empty PET package and closed by Tyvek paper via wrapping machine. PET package and Tyvek paper are sterilized with ethylene oxide beforehand.
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