2% bionic cross-link HA - solution of cross-linked sterile sodium hyaluronate for intra-articular injection 60 mg/3 ml, syringe No. 1.
1 injection per course is enough.
Bionic cross-link is a combination of natural and real cross-link.
Created using patented CHAP technology - an abbreviation for the first letters of Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Platform.
CHAP makes the drug easier to administer and easier to tolerate for patients.
1 injection is enough
Manufactured in Taiwan by the leading manufacturer SciVision Biotech Inc. from the Japanese substance SHISEIDO

Sinovial viscosupplement sterile device for intra-articular injections Flexotron® Cross, based on cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, 60 mg/3.0 ml
Glass syringe is filled with contents and closed by plug. Syringe is marked with label with information about product. Before being put into blister, syringe is fitted with backstop and plunger. After that blister is sealed by membrane, and label with information about the product is glues on. Sealed blister and instruction for use (IFU) are put into box.
Product is intended for use by qualified specialists and medical personnel in licensed organizations and hospitals.
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