Update Orthopaedics Journal is a regular popular science edition of our company aimed at medical professionals. It has been published every year since our founding and is distributed by our staff to professionals.

Main topics of the journal:

  • global experience of using new products and clinical techniques;
  • overview of key professional events;
  • meeting medical professionals and learning about their experience;
  • information about new products and technologies;
  • topical clinical articles;
  • results of clinical trials;
  • medicine news.

It is not just a journal for doctors, but an edition, in which we endeavour to introduce the best technologies and medical care practices to our readers.
LIT is a universal treatment tool
Issue 1 (49) 2023
One in four people on our planet
Issue 1 (42) 2019
The number of oesteoarthritis cases is increasing in Brasil
Issue 3 (41) 2018
If I saw further than the others, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of a giant
Issue 2 (40) 2018
A Scotsman who always has an argument
Issue 1 (39) 2018
The desire for constant renewal is deeply present in the DNA
Issue 1 (46) 2021
It is time to understand more
Issue 2 (45) 2020
Cartilage transplantation as a measure of excellence
Issue 1 (44) 2020
Long-term immobilisati...
Issue 2 (43) 2019
Ambassadors as playing coaches of orthopaedic champions
Issue 1 (48) 2022
paLITra reveals its secrets
Issue 1 (50) 2024
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