Many types of injuries, such as fractures of limb bones, occupy one of the main places in the total number of visits to a doctor. Treatment methods of such conditions are quite well developed and actively used by traumatologists, from plaster immobilising bandages known since the times of Pirogov to modern surgical techniques with the use of metallic osteosynthesis. Their efficiency has been tested and proven over years of the clinical trauma practice. But how comfortable are these treatment techniques for the patient?

To answer this question it is sometimes useful to look at such patient through the eyes of another specialist. In this issue we open a new Q&A column with an interview with Elena Nikolayevna Saverskaya, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pharmacy of the Medical Institute of Continuing Education of FSBEI HE "Moscow State University of Food Production", Dermatologist and Venereologist, who literally looks under the plaster of the patient and talks about the problem of prolonged immobilisation from her professional point of view.
Issue 43
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