The medical device with the world's biggest amount of hyaluronic acid in one syringe 120 mg/4.8 ml linear hyaluronic acid.

FLEXOTRON® Ultra contains two fractions that complement each other.
Low molecular weight fraction - provides protection of cartilage tissue and a lubricating effect
2. High molecular weight fraction - provides elasticity and shock absorption.

Ideal for the knee joint
Produced in Germany from the French substance HTL S.A.S
Sterile viscosupplement device Flexotron® Ultra for intra-articular use containing 2.5% sodium hyaluronate, 25 mg/ml, 4.8 ml
FLEXOTRON® Ultra is delivered to the end user consisting of the following components:
- implant (liquid mixture of components, see the table above) in a pre-filled glass syringe placed in a blister pack;
- 3 implantation stickers;
- instructions for use.

FLEXOTRON® Ultra is a prosthesis of synovial fluid, a sterile, transparent viscoelastic gel containing sodium hyaluronate produced by bacterial fermentation, in phosphate buffer.
The implant does not contain medicines for medical use, materials of animal and / or human origin.
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