Compositron® 5 the injectable collagen-containing material, in a syringe of 0.5 ml, 1 ml or 2 ml.
Compositron® 5
Compositron® is a single-use medical device that is an injectable material in pre-filled syringes based on an aqueous solution of hydrolyzed collagen in a phosphate buffer in some variants. Does not contain latex or phthalates. Compositron® does not include medicinal products, pharmaceutical substances, derivatives of human cells and tissues. Does not have radiation or electromagnetic properties.
The device is produced in sterile syringes made of complex polyester in the following variants:
Variant                Collagen concentration           The solution volume
Compositron®      5 5 mg/ml (0,5%)                          0,5 ml; 1 ml; 2 ml
Each syringe is packed in a single or double sealed blister pack made of polyester-aluminum laminate, which is placed with the instructions for use in a carton box. The product is sterilized by gamma radiation at a dose of 25 kGy.

The composition of Compositron®:
- partially hydrolyzed collagen of cattle.
- stabilized ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP);
- phosphate buffer solution (PBS).

pH of the injectable solution at 25° C: 7.1 - 7.7.
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